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Independent Testing and Misleading Claims:
There are many misleading and sometimes outright false performance claims associated with products in the hydroponic field. This is true of all product types, from nutrients to lighting. There is no industry specific governing body to check on and enforce against false or misleading claims. This is especially true for products manufactured overseas where the laws designed to protect the general consumer are weak or lack enforcement. Manufacturers of lighting products or reflective materials in this field can make false claims, use specialized pigments, lighting or testing techniques to demonstrate performance claims that are misleading to consumers. Manufacturers, wholesalers, and name brand companies that resell reflective materials, often market these performance claims without doing any independent testing, potentially promoting false claims.

Performance claims should be independently tested, using a recognized standard test. All labs and tests are not equal. Independent testing should be conducted at a performance testing lab that is already involved in enforcing government lighting standards, using a recognized test, with all subject material being tested under the same conditions.

The performce comparison chart included in this website was put together from independent testing completed by Orb Optronix's staff and testing lab in Kirkland Washington. Orb's lab is NIST traceable and provides measurement to industry standards including IES, CIE, IEC, ANSI, DOE, CALiPER, and Energy Star.